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Intermediate Dance Steps & Positions

Students should always warm up before beginning dance. Please our section on Warms Ups before starting any dance practice. 

Intermediate students are ready to master more complex versions of steps, faldeos, and turns.



Students should begin with excellent posición inicial (starting position) with an erect posture, as if a string was being pulled upward through the body and out the head, and feet and arms ready. They must demonstrate spatial knowledge such as the Fila (vertical) and Línea (horizontal) positions.

Students may wish to look at the following videos to refresh themselves on basic steps, including the simple zapateado and carretilla. You can also look at the Beginner Curriculum for videos. 



After mastering the basic faldeo, you are ready to learn regional differences in this arm/skirt movement: 

Intermediate faldeos include:

Nayarit - with arms held high, at the head or even behind the head for certain movements, holding the skirt for women. 

Jalisco - arms at the shoulder level holding the skirt for women. Men place hands behind the back. 

Colima - arms at about 45 degrees from the shoulders, holding the skirt for women. Men hold hands behind the back.

Veracruz - arms extended out at the side with the palms of  your hands up holding the skirt and making small movements. Men hold arms straight down besides the body. 

Polka - arms bent at the waist for women. Men bend arms and place hands on the waist/belt buckle. 

Attachment-1 (1).jpeg


Folklorico Company with Kareli Montoya- Basic Tutorial (English)

Intermediate Steps include: 

  • Zapateado tres  with different styles:

    • Heel/toe

    • Flat

    • Puntas

  • Gatillos - stomp with heel hitting on the second beat.

  • Huachapeo - both the cepilleo & escobilleo

  • Paso de Borracho - crossing the foot behind and stomping.

  • Tijeras – Cutting the air with both feet in a sliding motion done either high or low. (Note: the low version of this step is used in the song, La Raspa.)

  • Tornillo - twist the body, upper body part is opposite to lower body part.


Be sure to practice the following steps leading with both the right and left feet. 


Ballet Folklorico de los Angeles Tutorial on Basic Steps: carretillas, zapateado de tres, cepilleo - Jalisco style

Ballet Folklórico de los Angeles (English) 

Tutorial- Turns Jalisco & Colima style


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